My passion for people and places has been something that has intrigued me since I can remember. I am from the land of peanuts and pine trees, where you treat your neighbor as yourself… because they might be related down the line or know your mama or daddy. I have always known there is something greater past my small town and have been fortunate enough to explore it. Six other countries and six other cultures, I have been immersed. Each time, journaling memories in special notebooks and documenting images in my head or on the four dollar disposable camera I picked up at a Walgreens.

Isn’t it ironic? It was not until my summer internship after college that I was introduced to photography. The internship was a marketing job located on a stretch of sand off the coast of North Carolina. And part of the internship required camera skills… which turned out to be about 75 percent of my work. I may have bluffed on my previous experience with “photography” during my interview, but it made me all the more determined to hold up the facade for the summer.

Since then, my passion grew from people and places to include pictures too. Now if only I could go back to those six countries and trade my mental snapshots for more permanent tangible ones… Until then pictures of familiar faces and fields will just have to do. I welcome you to immerse yourself in my culture with my people.